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The History of Oxyron

TIF initial memberstatus: AKC, Dupre I, Starfox and TTS

Gloom initial memberstatus: AKC, BOS, MOS, Red Baron, SID, TMV, TTS, Yazoo and Zeus

Oxyron initial memberstatus: Andre, AKC, Dave, Ego, Graham, Slide, TTS, Yazoo and perhaps some others which I don't have information about


Name Job Status
AKC code out
Amarok swap out
Andre swap out
Asmodis swap out
Axis code inactive
Bitbreaker code active
Biz Kid graphics, Skyhigh out
Caprix code out
Crosshead swap out
Dante code inactive
Dave music out
Death graphics inactive
Devillock music active
DJ Gruby (ex-Cactus) Attitude out
Ego graphics out
Fanta music active
Fuben code out
Geir Tjelta music inactive
Graham code active
Kasmo (ex-Peace) music inactive
Jeroen Tel music inactive
Kirk graphics out
Machine Addybook out
Madness graphics out
No-XS music out
Oys graphics inactive
Peiselulli code inactive
PRI music inactive
RRR graphics inactive
Scrapper Addybook out
Slide code out
Sodan ? out
Sony music out
SP ? out
Sphinx graphics active
Starfox music out
Syrincs music out
TCH graphics, code out
THCM code active
TTS code, swap, Scene Obs. inactive
Vangelis code out
Veto graphics out
Wingo ? out
Yazoo graphics, swap, Pravda active

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