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The Final NetROM is a new ROM image to be used with the 64NIC+ cartridge. It adds CodeNet and a few other features of The Final Replay to the 64NIC+.

Setting an IP address

The default IP address in this ROM is, it is stored at offset $000C, use a hex editor to modify it.

Features of The Final NetROM

- Pre-defined function-keys
- BASIC extensions
- Network server for data transfer (CodeNet)

BASIC extensions

DLOAD - Load files from disk.
DSAVE - Save files to disk.
DOS - Send DOS command to drive, change device number or display disk directory.
FLUSH - Clear entire memory.
KILL - Disable cartridge.
OLD - Make BASIC programs available again.
CODENET - Enter CodeNet server.
$ - Hexadecimal numbers.
% - Binary numbers.

Network server CodeNet

CodeNet is a special transfer server which allows sending of binary data or program files directly into the C64 memory and sending of an execute command. You can use it for easy cross assembling. The server is started by entering the CODENET command (available on the F6 key).

CodeNet Description
CodeNet Protocol


V0.1 (30.1.15):

Initial release


The Final NetROM V0.1

CodeNet V0.4 Windows 32 executable
CodeNet V0.4 source code (Win32 and thanks to Puterman/FLT also Linux)


64NIC+ Network Card

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