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The Final Replay comes with a network server dedicated to cross assembling and remote program execution. It is started upon entering the "CODENET" command which is also preset on the F6 key.
The server is used from a remote Windows or Linux PC only via the CodeNet client. It can be used to transfer PRG files directly into the memory of the C64 and also allows some other actions like filling memory and ofcourse starting a program with RUN or a jump to a defined memory address.

Sending the file "test.prg" to a C64 with the network address

CODENET -w test.prg -n

Filling the memory from $1000 to $3FFF with $C0(default IP address used):

CODENET -f $1000 $4000 $C0

Jumping to address $2000 in C64 memory (default IP address used):

CODENET -e $2000

Executing a PRG file with RUN (default IP address used):


Sending the file "test.prg" to a C64 and executing it (default IP address used):

CODENET -x test.prg

CodeNet Protocol documentation


V0.4 (16.5.11):

Fixed: Timeout handling didn't work.

V0.3 (6.11.10):

Added: Better network error handling.

V0.2 (17.5.05):

Maintenance release

V0.1 (9.5.05):

Initial release

CodeNet V0.4 Windows executable
CodeNet V0.4 source code (Windows/Linux)

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