VIC 6560/6561 (Video Interface Chip) reference

VIC register set:
    7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
$9000 (R/W)  Interlace Screen Origin X
$9001 (R/W)  Screen Origin Y
$9002 (R/W)  Screen A9 Number of Video Columns
$9003 (R/W)  Raster b0 Number of Video Rows Char Size
$9004 (R/W)  Raster Value bits 8-1
$9005 (R/W)  Screen Memory Location (A13-A10) Char Memory Location (A13-A10)
$9006 (R/W)  Lightpen X
$9007 (R/W)  Lightpen Y
$9008 (R/W)  Paddle X
$9009 (R/W)  Paddle Y
$900A (R/W)  Switch Bass Frequency
$900B (R/W)  Switch Alto Frequency
$900C (R/W)  Switch Soprano Frequency
$900D (R/W)  Switch Noise Frequency
$900E (R/W)  Auxiliary Color Volume Control
$900F (R/W)  Screen Color Reverse Border Color

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